Final thoughts from Canada….

The day started with a taxi to Victoria Airport for our 18 minute flight over to Vancouver where we have a five hour wait. Luckily Matt’s American Express card gives us access to VIP lounges. Unlimited free food and drink which is fantastic as we left the hotel before breakfast

Now we have plenty of time to bore you with our general musings.

Things we liked:

Petrol at 78p per litre

Roads are very quiet, even in the cities, partly due to the almost total absence of diesel fuelled cars. John and Matt are both very taken with the sound of American cross plane V8 engines.

Road manners are impeccable. Cars stopped to let us cross and we weren’t even on a crossing, how weird is that?

Water is always served with a meal, it’s nice not to feel embarrassed asking for tap water to drink.

Canadians value age. We have met a lot of older people working in Tourist Information. They provide assistance in a similar way to games-makers at sporting events, whether that’s meet and greet at airports or being available and visible at key points.

Our travel stats:

From an elevation of 2135m down to 0m, driven 1048 miles, cycled 40km, rafted 6km and zip lined 2-3km, walked over 100 miles and sailed 300 miles.

Wildlife stats: 1 bear, 2 piles of bear poop, 2 moose/elk/caribou (not sure what John and Matt saw and still haven’t looked up the difference), 0 bald eagles, 0 whales

Kim was disappointed that Canada is not a country for tea drinkers. Hotel rooms are well equipped with coffee machines but nothing for the poor, sad tea lover. Mornings have been a challenge when she’s been expected to be dressed before her first cuppa.

We learned a lot about temperate rain forests – nurse trees, Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock and Red Cedar.

At some point, possibly before the end of this interminable wait, we’ll go back over the blog and add hotel and tour operator details should you need recommendations. Once again, Trailfinders have created a great itinerary for us.