…..rather like Bicester Village on speed!

Matt went for a run, while John and Kim visited the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre. These two First Nations communities lived in the Whistler area and, in 2001, signed a protocol to live and work together. The cultural centre celebrates their deep connection and respect for land and water.

We were greeted by our guide singing a native welcome song, before learning about the history of the two Nations and how respectfully they make careful use of natural resources.

Canoe building was interesting, made from a single hollowed out Cedar tree, using fire and water to help shape the boat and fish oil to help keep it watertight.

The tour concluded with a practical lesson in how to make a bracelet from cedar bark. Kim was in her element!

We wandered into Whistler Village and found ourselves in a very lively, very manicured environment, dodging extreme downhill mountain bikers and skateboarders

Ziplining for us tomorrow!