Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go

But in the meantime it’s non alcoholic (Gunner) cocktails by the swimming pool!

Our final day and we’ve had to vacate the room, we still have four hours left until we head for the airport so it was a choice of a shopping mall or asking nicely if we could retain the use of the hotel facilities which luckily the hotel agreed to.

Despite our good intentions to eat breakfast out, we succumbed to the luxury and air conditioning in the hotel before wandering back into the city to see some of the buildings and sights we had previously missed.

Today’s adventure was using the MRT, Singapore’s underground system, which was cheap, quiet and very clean. The platform is sealed from the track with doors that open on both train and platform once the train comes to a stop, it was so much easier than walking in the heat.

See you all soon x

China Town, Raffles and the Singapore Flyer

The Market Cafe at the hotel does the most amazing buffet breakfast, it’s almost worth the journey and humidity just to experience it! Certainly a civilised way to start the day.

Apart from the usual extensive range of fruit platters, cereals and continental pastries cheese and meats. Cooked options include strange items such as vegitarian noodles, chicken sausages (very aneamic looking) and fish fingers which were defintly not from Captain Birds Eye. Asian choives were, Indian Roti Prata with Dahl Curry, Dim Sum, Pork Congee and Fried Carrot Cake with pickled raddish. All this for breakfast! It was hard and exausting work but we had our moneys worth.

Next stop was an indoor market where we experienced our first determined barter style sell of the day. We innocently wandered past a camera stall and were pounced on, we would get an exclusive special price as first customers of the day. Matt asked a simple question and an hour later came out with a lens converter, significantly cheaper than the original quoted price. Despite several attempts to leave we never quite managed to escape but agreed the vendor had worked hard for the sale and we’d enjoyed every minute!

It’s amazing what can be purchased in the markets, all types of strange food (seaweed flavour crisps were a disappointment) and medications for every ache and pain. Then there are the ‘fake’ goods, Mp3 players which are exact copies of iPods at £20 instead of £150 in the UK, Blueberry (rather than Blackberry) phones and many other items all at a fraction of UK prices.

Next stop China Town. It was fantastic, little shops and market stalls selling everything and anything at bargain prices, particularly if you need 36 keyrings for $10! it was almost worth buying them, just because we could…

Lunch was in the China Town complex where we were brave and ate ‘proper’ chinese food and fresh fruit juices. All for under £3

The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing by the pool before tarting ourselves up for a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel. We were relieved of £60 for three drinks but John and Matt did get to play a game of snooker in the Billiard Room. Very grand and so evocative of a different era – a beautiful building in a very modern city.

Our final destination of the evening was the Singapore Flyer, a revolving observation wheel bigger than the London Eye as we were constantly reminded. The city, rivers Marina, bridges and buildings all looked amazing at night and we wondered at the ingenuity of the minds that had designed it.

As we had spent so much money on just three drinks earlier in the evening, a value dinner was required to balance the finances so we ‘dined’ at a ‘Subway’.

Ice cream was our traditional night cap, you should have seen John’s face when he tried his Durian flavoured ice cream. It was a picture. He had chosen the most revolting flavour ever, the taste of which lingered long after the ice cream had been binned!!


We arrived last night to 33 degrees and over 90% humidity which came as something of a shock to say the least even though we were expecting it. We had been tempted to continue on our journey home by staying on the plane rather than stopping in Singapore and were beginning to wish we had.

We had been told about how clean and safe Singapore is with no litter or chewing gum allowed, and there are no ‘Ali Ba-Bas’ as they have all been locked safely away. As a result of this there are very few police officers as they are not needed. We are sure there is a flaw in this arrangment but so far its not obvious.

Our hotel overlooks the river and Clarke Quay which is THE place to be, but only if you’re 18-30. Lots of bars and restaurants which were noisy and heaving with people and loud music. It was all a bit much for Kim and Matt who were muttering about not leaving the hotel again until the heat and humidity get a little more accepatable, which as we are less than 80 miles from the equator won’t be any time soon.