Day 2 – Siena 

Well, we survived the night! The van was very cold this morning so Kim was up at 7 working out how to turn the gas on for hot water and heating. 10 minutes later she turned it off, worried that the gas bottle wouldn’t last until it could be filled!

Breakfast was in last night’s bar, €8 for four breakfasts – we might have to move here.

The day was spent exploring Siena. We walked from the campsite, leaving the monster van behind.

The weather was fantastic and we had a lovely day wandering around the city. We found it via the longest escalator which saved us a long walk up a hill.

Siena is a fantastic mediaval city with pedestrianised, narrow roads. It has the feel of Nice or Girona. Once you’ve seen one Mediterranean mediaval city you’ve seen them all other than there is pizza on every corner. Lunch was overlooking Piazza del Campo before hunting down the best gelateria in Siena ( Thanks to Gillian for the newspaper supplement recommending it!

Next stop was the Duomo and we toured the cathedral and the panorama across the city

Day 1

We had a fantastic start to the day, Clophill to Heathrow, via Holwell, in just over 1.5 hours, woohoo!

The sun was shining when we arrived at Pisa and we had a 2 hour coach ride to the Rollerteam factory in Poggibonsi.

Then the ‘fun’ started! John and Ken disappeared for driver briefing while Jacky and I found our homes for the next 10 nights and they are blooming big! We have the smaller van but Ken And Jacky have an upstairs….. Kim has motorhome envy!

We finally left the factory about 5 and headed to the nearest supermarket, apparently we couldn’t miss it. We did, THREE times!! Tempers were frayed, hunger had kicked in and darkness had fallen before we were on our way to Siena.

We found our campsite, after many wrong turns, have hooked up the electrics, and headed to the local pizzeria for beer and pizza.

Next stop, local bar with live jazz……