MoPOP and Discovery Park

This morning’s breakfast was at one of the many coffee shops Seattle has become famous for. Then on to the Museum of Pop Culture. It was recommended when we left Victoria, so that’s where we headed.

We meant to take the monorail to save our feet but forgot and walked along 4th Avenue instead. The neighbourhood was slightly less terrifying than last night other than we did walk past Macy’s!

The museum is next to the iconic Space Needle so that was ticked off the list.

MoPOP was an eclectic mix of exhibitions with rooms devoted to Music, Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction films. Each exhibition featured costumes and original props ranging from a Dalek to a real Starfleet uniform and Buffy the Vampire Slayer stake. Other exhibitions celebrated Seattles rock music heritage – Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix and Pearl Jam all featured.

There was an amazing sculpture created from 700 guitars

The main attraction was the Marvel exhibition, charting the history, and rise, of the brand. Amongst many other displays, we saw The Thing asleep on a sofa

And Spider-Man scaling a wall

Our afternoon trip took us out to Discovery Park by bus. Did you know that Seattle buses don’t give change? Neither did we and our lovely driver let us travel for free rather than take $20 for an $8 fare. It was a great ride out through Seattle suburbs to the 500 acre park.

We were dropped off, at the end of the route with no idea where we were or what we were going to do! There have been a few occasions where we’ve really missed using data on our phones and this was one.

Luckily we found a photocopied map and we were off to the Lighthouse at West Point

There were some great views over a Puget Sound, it was a shame today was overcast and we couldn’t clearly see the Olympic Mountains.

Seattle appears to be a mixture of different suburbs and there have been some interesting contrasts between old and new.

It’s raining outside and there’s live music in the hotel lobby so that’s all from us today.