Shop until you drop

I We are not a family of shoppers but it feels like today has turned us into one. The day started simply enough with breakfast at the local deli before a wander around the Murray Hill market. The market was an eclectic mix of crafts, food and bric-a-brac stalls and went almost to the entrance of Grand Central Station.


Then we decided we had to do Macy’s and that was a mistake. Surely the largest store in the world could keep us entertained for an hour so we split up. 30 mins into that hour we had all found our way to the meeting point and decided the store was not a patch on John Lewis!
A brisk walk took us to The High Line, an old railway line which runs above the city, it’s been converted into a pedestrian walkway with plants growing in between the old tracks.


We experienced our first Peanut butter ice cream sandwiches which sustained us until we managed a late lunch in Chelsea Market.


It was a long walk back from W15th to E34th but the grid system made sure we didn’t get lost – a bit like Milton Keynes! We took time to look at the Flatiron building looking very impressive in the late afternoon sunshine.


It’s 6:30 pm, we have tickets for baseball at 7:15 and all we want to do is sleep……