Botanic Gardens and most easterly point on Jersey

Before we start, what is this?

Our final morning started with a trip to the Botanic Garden at Samares Manor.

The Japanese Garden was lovely and, according to Kim, we definitely need a pond with two bridges across.

We were just in time for a tour of the Herb Garden, led by an enthusiast cook. We now need some black peppermint and Lemon Verbena, he was very persuasive on the benefits of herbal tea….

Our final destination of the day was Gorey and Mont Orguil Castle, courtesy of Ken Jordan Tours.

We gave the castle a miss and opted for a walk along the bay trying to decide which house we need to buy.

We drove back to the hotel, via the coast road, for afternoon tea to while away a couple of hours before heading to the airport for our 9pm flight.

We’d like to do this trip again. Now that we have done most of the main sights, there’s a lot of walking still to do.

Almost forgot, the first picture is an oyster boat. They are made in France from aluminium, not in someone’s back garden! This one was sailed back from France and can go out to the Oyster beds at high and low tides for harvesting and maintains the oysters.