A short break in France

We’re touring in France and not doing the blog….. other than it appears to be ingrained in us. We miss our old apartment in Normandy (it was always for too grand to be a flat) and John fancies finding somewhere with some winter sun. Our destinations of choice are the Vendée and Charente Maritime, neither of which we know much about other than they’ll be warmer than Bagnoles-de-l’Orne and nearer the coast.

The overnight sailing from Portsmouth to St Malo was a first and we rather enjoyed the leisurely crossing. Brittany Ferries’ plinky plonky alarm music didn’t wake us until almost 7am with a lovely view of St Malo

We’re staying in Luçon for the next five nights and chose to explore a couple of possible winter locations on our way. First was Vouvant, a very pretty town in the Vendée.

It was rather twee and quiet but obviously popular with the artist community as every shop and house was some type of gallery. However half the customers in the bar were English and a large expat community isn’t what we’re after.

Next was Fontenay Le Comte which looked far busier. We only managed to drive round and it merits a revisit. John’s quite taken with it, Kim’s not so sure as it’s quite a large town.

We found our ‘hotel’ in Lucon and it appears we’re sharing a rather lovely family home quite unlike anywhere we’ve stayed before. Much as we hate to name check, thank you Booking.com!

We’re off to St Jean D’Angely tomorrow, 1.5 hours away. Our hostess says the town is ‘special’. We’re not quite sure what that means.