Whistler – Green River Rafting

Our rafting was booked for 9am which seemed a good idea a few weeks ago. We squeezed ourselves into wetsuits and took a short bus ride to Green River.

The Green River tour included class 2 & 3 rapids. The scale is 1-6 which broadly translate as mill pond through to ‘you will die’!

Our safety briefing took place on calm, still water with Victor, our guide.

And we paddled out to meet our fate.

It was an experience, no-one fell in the water but we did get wet and Kim is hooked.

Matt disappeared for a run and John and Kim settled down for an early lunch. Beer, tea and Poutine.

You have to love a country that considers chips, gravy and cheese a meal!

Next we followed the Culture Trail around Whistler Village.

We saw bears…….

Ok, they’re not real but they’re very lifelike. According to our leaflet, they are so realistic dogs bark at them, not sure we believe that!

Finally, we ended back at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre…. someone had seen a handbag on day 1 and her life was incomplete without it.

It’s Labor Day weekend and Whistler has become much busier. Hopefully it means there’s no one left in Vancouver when we get there tomorrow.