Some other Pom…..

Last night was spent watching the sun go down from Fraser Island before an early night. We had to be up at 6.30 to make our transfer back to Brisbane!

We caught the ferry before 8am and had a great time chatting to the Island’s resident photographer. He kindly rang a mate to find the final results of the Tour for us. Apparently a couple of Poms came 1st and 2nd and some other Pom won the stage!!

We were met by a lovely cheery coach driver who made the 4 hour drive a real pleasure. He shared his local knowledge throughout the journey and was a joy to meet!

It’s good to be back in Brisbane, lots of cafes that stay open later than 8.30. we’ve missed the hustle and bustle although after 2 hours in a shopping mall the beach did seem appealing.

It may be the cafe life all day tomorrow or we may hire bikes. Only time will tell…

I’m not a celebrity but get me out of here!!

Our last night on Fraser Island and we feel we’re ready to return to civilisation. This place has the most wonderful breakfast which is a very civilised way to start the day…

After sorting out our nourishment we hired a 4wd to visit Lake Mckenzie which is fairly spectacular. We did find ourselves comparing it to Lake Windemere. We shared the journey with a lovely young Irish couple that we met on the first night whilst lost trying to find our room. It was great to have some company other than ourselves!

We’re back to civilisation tomorrow and will relish the internet, cafes that don’t close at 8 and (Kim never thought she’d say this) no sand between our toes!

We’ll upload some photos when we’re back in Brisbane. In the meantime please have some sympathy for us, we’ll be up by 6:30am tomorrow to catch the 7:50 ferry back to ‘Mr Grumpy Tours’. We really didn’t plan this part of the trip very well at all!!

We’re glad we did Fraser Island but feel no need to come back. If we want remote and quiet, we can stay at home. If we want hot,sunny pools, we can do the Med….

ust checked the weather in the UK, good to see you’re having better weather than us. We hope it last til we get home

Fraser Island redeems itself

Daylight dawned and the sun came out. we are staying in a room on stilts with views over a creek, across to the ocean. We had a lovely leisurely breakfast in a very calm relaxed environment. It was wonderful.

Matt went off on a guided canoe paddle around some of the creeks while Kim and John settled down to toast by the pool. Most visitors come to see the stunning scenery and wildlife so disappear off the day leaving the resort lovely and quiet. A warm relaxing day was just what was needed by the older Brays.

We wandered down to the jetty for the sunset which is meant to be spectacular. Not tonight though, the sky had clouded over but we were treated to the sight of a dolphin swimming just off the beach.

We should have checked the map!

Friday started in a lovely sunny Brisbane. Breakfast in Poppy’s Deli was followed by a walk along the river, around the pools and artificial beach. This is Kim’s type of city – clean, lots of cafes and a day that doesnt seem to start until after 10am. Very civilised.

We drove out to the airport to pick up our transfer to Fraser Island and were met by the world’s grumpiest driver. We were expecting a 2 hour drive, after 2 hours Mr Grumpy let us leave the coach for a comfort break. No more than 10 minutes or he would leave without us! 4 hours after leaving Brisbane, we arrived at Hervey Bay. We were abandoned with ‘your bus will pick you up here, don’t know what time but you’d better be waiting for it’. Off he went into the sunset leaving us rather bemused, tired and hungry. We were in big trouble with Matt because we’d assured him the journey was not much further than Australia Zoo!

It felt like we’d been abandoned in some backwater trading post from a wild west movie.

Currently we’re waiting patiently, hoping the stage coach arrives, we wouldnt want to spend the night here…….

Fraser Island, finally

We arrived at 8pm after a 2hour wait in Hervey Bay and a 45 minute ferry ride. We were shown all the sights, in the dark, and given the good news that we’d be unable to get a meal after 8.30! We were tired, hungry and then lost! The resort doesn’t do directions and we found ourselves, along with several other new arrivals, heading out along a boardwalk into the dark. With warnings of dingos in our minds,we finally found our new treehouse and ran to the nearest restaurant just before it closed. Not a great start to our stay!!