The journey to Saverne

Sadly we didn’t make it to the Zeppelin museum. The main disadvantage of driving a car 3.2m high and 7.4m long is that it’s blooming difficult to park! We sailed through Friedrichshafen without finding anywhere to park the monster truck, even the bus station was out of bounds despite us being a similar size. We definitely need to come back to Bodensee, there is much to see and do.

We stopped on a German Autobahn for an early lunch and Kim decided it was now or never. The road was wide and quiet so she decided to drive.

Little did she know that it would take another 4.5 hours to travel 150 miles! We have no photos but had a fantastic drive through the Black Forest, through snow and past ski lifts.

The satnav and google maps were in dispute over our route and a number of options were discounted as roads narrowed and weight limits reduced to 2.5 tonnes. At one point we stopped for fuel and by the time we came out of the garage, both satnav and phone had decided we needed to turn around… why? We will never know!!!

We were surprised to arrive at the site at Saverne only 10-15 minutes after everyone else.

It was al fresco eating for us tonight

Another 180 miles tomorrow to Rochefort in Belgium before our final night in Poperinge