King Kong, where are you?

Empire State Building at night ticked off the list but the monkey, along with the advertised saxophonist, were both missing! No sign of Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr reuniting either. It felt like commercialism at its worst but the views were fantastic. We missed seeing the sunset as we were ‘persuaded’ to do the NY Skyride first. It would take too long to complain about the scam but it generated a lot of muttering from us! Just to reassure you, Matt is alive and well, just missing from the photo having abandoned us at the first opportunity.

Wearily, collapsed into bed at 10:30 (3:30am in real time!) after discovering we only have a coffee maker, not a kettle!
This morning, NY is starting to look better. Kettle ordered from reception and breakfast in a local deli. We declined healthy oatmeal for scrambled egg, cheese and ham croissants, yummy! We’re off to find Grand Central Station before visiting the 9/11 memorial and museum and observatory at 1 WTC should Matt ‘I’m going for a run’ Bray ever join us! He is on the hotel treadmill rather than pounding NY streets – this is especially for Diane and Dot so they don’t call NYPD