Every home should have a kangaroo..

….they are fantastically cute animals. Anyway, back to our day. Our third early start in a row and we’re desperate for a lie in. John said Kim had booked too much in, Kim now reluctantly agrees.

Off to the Daintree River and rainforest and Cape Tribulation with Billy Tea Safaris. Our first stop was Mossman which processes the sugar cane that is grown in this area. The cane is transported from the plantations on its own railway and the steam from the processing factory can be seen for miles around.

Our next stop was a cruise up the Daintree River to learn more about the native plants and animals. We were treated to the sight of several snakes basking in trees, kingfishers, herons and….ta, da!! Estuarine Crocodiles! We saw the whole range from two week old to the alpha male, Scarface. A reptile to be treated with respect and caution ( much like our tortoises!). We were glad that he was happily dozing on the bank rather than trying to protect his territory from us. Measuring 4.5m long,he was a fearsome sight.

We left the boat for a drive up through the rainforest, ending with a guided walk. The history of this World Heritage Site is fascinating and almost as interesting as seeing trees with buttress roots. I know, we’re easily entertained.

Back to the 4wd for a short drive to our lunch stop. Despite our hunger, we had to feed the rescued kangaroos and wallabies while our barbie lunch was cooked by our guide. The small group of animals are very used to human contact and were lovely – big eyes, soft fur, very gentle and surprisingly light on their feet.

After lunch, it was a short drive to Emmagen Creek where swimming, Billy Tea, a fruit tasting and Damper were on offer. The creek was lovely and clear but, despite assurances that we were safe from crocs, the Bray family decided to stay on dry land. We’d experienced enough water to last a lifetime yesterday! The fruit tasting, led by our guides Matt and Drew, was great, the Billy Tea not a patch on Tetley and the Damper significantly improved by a good slug of Golden Syrup! The highlight for Matt was finding his first snake unaided. All we can say is it was a snake, as to what type? we’d have to make that up!

Our final stop of the day was Cape Tribulation, the slogan is ‘where the rainforest meets the reef’. The beach and its surroundings were spectacular, not even Cornwall could compete with this.

Finally three weary travellers returned for the final night in the tree house. John’s verdict on the day:’That was a bloomimg long way for an iffy cup ot tea and 34 mossie bites’