Kim’s cycle trip to Breda

While John was working hard, I decided to cycle the  6-7 miles to Breda.

According to the receptionist, the cycle routes are great and clearly signposted, what could possibly go wrong? As it turned out, not much.  The cycle network is fantastic and, having priority over cars, takes some getting used to but makes for a easy, safe cycling. I would challenge that signage is clear but my new Cycleways app came to the rescue and a few u-turns all added to the excitement.

Breda was very pretty and I’m sorry there aren’t many photos, I was too busy looking at scenery and buildings to think about taking pictures to share. Anyway, here is one of the bike which is typical of those here. I found it very heavy and it took a while for me to realise it had gears.

Despite spending most of the day on my adventure, this is the only other photo of Breda. The cathedral was a stunning and I’m sitting with my back against it!.

I’m not sure what tomorrow’s adventure will be while John is working but I’ll try for better photos!