Sogndal to Geiranger

We woke to sunshine and Sogndal looked a lot prettier. In fact John has chosen his next home. 

Our first stop was the bottom of Boyabreen glacier, the highlight was the cows. According to John, a lot of snot comes out of a cows nose when it sneezes! We’re also experts on H&S for glaciers…..



We had a lovely drive along Nordfjord before grinding to a halt in roadworks. Signs warned of a 30 minute delay which would drive you bonkers in England. Drivers got out of cars and and stood patiently, taking in the scenery.  We’d never seen such a good natured queue and it probably sums up Norwegians. They seem to be very calm and relaxed. We do wonder if that changes in the winter when they don’t see much daylight. Is that when their inner Viking surfaces?
We drove through Olden and encountered our first cruise ship, it completely dwarfed the town which was heaving with passengers desperate to buy souvenirs We kept driving until we found somewhere quieter!


We stopped for lunch in Stryn
Next stop, the Gamle Strynefjellsveg. Another amazing drive over a glacier. The poor hire car is really being put through its paces. We were stunned to find a ski lift and small cafe right in the middle of glacier full if enthusiastic snowboarders
Finally we arrived at our little wooden hut in Geiranger. Despite our worst fears, we have our own bathroom and fantastic views. The downsides are we have to make our own beds, clean before we leave and it’s a good 40 minute walk from the town.