We all went to the zoo, zoo, zoo

We had a surprisingly good night in a hotel sandwiched between a main road and railway line and with bricks for pillows.

We started on our journey to Australia Zoo. The satnav got us lost and we had two unecessary trips through a toll tunnel. Is it a conspiracy with the fuel companies or city council? Finally we found ‘Bruce Highway’ and followed the road North to the Sunshine Coast.

We arrived at the zoo with no further mishap, past some stunning mountain scenes. A great day was had by all, including John ‘I don’t really do zoos’ Bray!

We saw the Wildlife Warriors Show. The crocs were impressive but the birds stole the show, particularly the Jabirus. On to feeding time with the Asian otters, before wandering off to get up close with koalas. The last show for us was with another croc, amazing creatures!

We’ve seen giant tortoises, a whole variety of lizards, snakes, wombats, cassowaries and, of course, the lovely Roo. John still needs convincing that we need one in the garden although he concedes that it would be preferable to a croc in the river!

Off to Fraser Island tomorrow and, despite coming back here afterwards, wish we’d allowed more time to explore this City. According to Dave and Ann who have lived here ‘there’s nothing much to see’ but it seems that we could have filled a few more days.

Dinner tonight was in a Chinese restaurant with a jazz trio playing, the sort of place with plenty of atmosphere that Pete would have made a bee line for. Al fresco eating with good food and great music!

We’re not sure if Fraser Island has wifi, John has just announced that we may not have flushable toilets…..