Final thoughts from Catalonia

Actually from Clophill, but that’s a minor detail! Over 6 days walking we have covered over 80 kilometres and climbed the equivalent 274 flights of stairs. All our devices say something different and there has been some debate over the accuracy of these figures. We are playing our own small part in online misinformation.

Each time we experience InnTravel holidays, we remember their attention to detail, choice of locations and hotels provide an experience that never fails to impress. We have been fortunate to spend time in some wonderful and memorable locations.

Now for the highlights. We thought Jacky’s highlight might be arriving in Spain without Ken. However, we were mistaken and she was impressed with the amazing scenery, lovely hotels and perfect weather.

John’s highlight was being able to set up a microscope, in the Cork Museum, in order for a French family to see the cell structure as originally discovered by Robert Hooke. They were very grateful and many years spent peering through a microscope weren’t wasted.

Kim was impressed that she didn’t fall over once. Our last two activity holidays have resulted in physical injury and resulting scars, she was worried it was a trend. The view from our bathroom out across the bay in Hotal Aigua Blava made her laugh. It’s a shame about the bedroom in the way and it took some getting used to.

Ken was overwhelmed by the joy on everyone’s faces when he arrived late on our first day, having travelled by train. The rest of us are a little puzzled by this. We were all grateful that he arrived before midnight. John was slightly miffed that he’d walked out to meet Ken who had snuck into the hotel by a side door. It had taken us a while to notice John was missing. Obviously something to do with the overwhelming joy of seeing Ken

Our next joint adventure, in June, is cycling around Rugen. No one has been on a bike since we returned from The Bodensee last September. We have eight weeks to get cycling fit!. This will mean watching the 2023 Giro d’Italia on TV every day for the next three weeks.

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