A day of rest

Activity holidays are fantastic, but the days you don’t have to get up and re-pack suitcases are a real joy. We don’t change hotels until tomorrow and took advantage of a leisurely start. Breakfast at 9am followed by reading in the hotel lounge and a short walk for lunch. Not only that, tomorrow, we are recklessly departing from InnTravel’s suggested walk and planning our own breakaway route.

Our destination for lunch was Llafranc, 1.5 miles around the coast. We are all struggling with Spanish meal times. Restaurants don’t serve dinner before 8pm which is a long time after a midday snack. Today’s challenge was to eat lunch after 2pm! Sadly, we failed dismally. It took less than an hour to walk around the bay and find a beach side restaurant. Grilled sardines, chips and an omelette were shared while we watched heavy machinery re-arranging the sand on one of our favourite beaches. Hopefully they’ll be finished by the time we arrive for our night’s stay tomorrow.

Heavy rain had been forecast but the weather held out and sunshine kept us company as we wandered back to the hotel. As you know by now John has a view that no trip to foreign lands is complete without market research involving a local supermarket. Amongst the items of interest, today, were various products made from almond paste and gift packs of sardines. Most interesting find of the day was Bimbo bread, simple white bread with the crusts removed.

We couldn’t end today with a photo of ultra processed bread so here’s another night shot looking across the bay towards the lighthouse from our hotel.

3 thoughts on “A day of rest”

  1. LOVE the dramatic sky pic.
    Sorry to hear about mealtime probs. We’re all so different……we find lunching at 2.00/3.00 fine and often comment GB eateries should be the same. Dinner chez nous is never before 7.30, so, again, no problems. It must be annoying for you. I’ve every confidence you’ll cope, you’re an enterprising bunch of go-getters.
    Here’s to the sun! Gillian


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