S’Agaro to La Fosca – mostly flat

We left S’Agaro, in hazy sunshine, along the nicely maintained Cami de Ronda with 10 miles ahead of us. Our route hugged the coastline all the way to La Fosca, our only concern was the length of the walk.

Our first 3 miles were straightforward, well maintained paths onto a mile long promenade at Platja d’Aro, where we stopped and admired the view while drinking tea from a very fancy teapot

Little did we know that the route was about to become far more demanding. Up and down rocky steps into pretty little coves followed by more steep rocky steps up out again. The path narrowed to single file with blind bends in narrow tunnels. It was quite a challenge.

By 12:30 we needed a break and stopped for a picnic lunch at Platja Belladonna. The cove was lovely and quiet except for very over excited dogs shedding sand everywhere. It added extra crunch to our olive bread and cheese rolls.

Three more coves and an unplanned detour up some vertical steps added to the challenge. Sadly, we only have ourselves to blame for the detour, we are still getting the hang of reading red and white marker points while paying attention to route instructions. I wonder why we never seem to remember this from one holiday to the next?

Finally we arrived at the two mile long promenade leading into Palamos and the long, flat concrete walkway was very welcome. Our walk had not been ‘mostly flat’ as promised.

We were too weary to explore the town which has the feel of a real holiday resort. We climbed more steps up into the old town for the final mile to our hotel, tucked in a quiet suburb of La Fosca. No seaside views tonight but we did manage a competitive game of mini golf before dinner. After taking an unexpected early lead, Jacky was beaten by Ken. Kim trailed behind in third, despite a hole in one, and John was official photographer.

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  1. Well, I’m tired and weary after just reading the account of the ups and downs, but FULL of admiration. Well done, I say.


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