Walking the Catalan Coast

If you are of a certain age, Sunday night Top Gear would often feature a race. Typically Clarkson drives a car while Hammond and May make the same journey by plane, train or ferry. Our first adventure of the year began similar to a Top Gear Race. We are walking in Catalonia with Jacky and Ken and it should all be quite simple. Fly to Girona, walk North, keep the sea on our right. But Ken has dodgy ears and chose to take the train, the race was on.

Jacky braved Stansted and RyanAir with us, which turned out to be surprisingly hassle free with plenty of time to spare. At this stage of our trip, Ken was ahead. He was already in Paris and we hadn’t left Essex but he still had to negotiate his way across Paris, to Gare de Lyon, for another train.

As we landed in Girona, Ken had barely left Paris so we won…. which is all that really matters!

Our six day walk takes us along the Costa Brava from S’Agaro to Aigua Blava. The weather is looking rather cloudy but it’s warmer than at home and the view from tonight’s hotel is lovely.

Finally, for anyone concerned about Ken’s wellbeing, he arrived safely at 10pm. Only seven hours after us!

2 thoughts on “Walking the Catalan Coast”

  1. Well done, Ken!
    Make the most of the tropics!! Here we face ever more of the energy sapping grey cold gloom. It is too bad.


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