What makes a winner?

We are off to cycle around Lake Constance (The Bodensee). It seemed a good idea when we booked it, back in June. 150 miles in 5 days around a pretty lake, how hard can it be?

We are starting with a couple of nights in Strasbourg before making our way across to Constance. Assuming we survive the cycling, we have a short stop along the Mosel Valley before heading up to Holland to visit The Floriade Exposition. There’s a lot of driving involved, to offset any impact from cycling, but the Floriade is every 10 years and we had a ‘now or never’ moment!

If you remember, it wasn’t that long ago that John refused to do another holiday with Jacky because she writes on maps which upsets his OCD. Well, we are meeting Jacky and Ken at Constance and, although she doesn’t yet know it, Jacky will be in charge of maps and official team leader. John could be trusted but doesn’t really want the responsibility. As to Kim and Ken… not to be trusted with directions and a bike.

Anyway, we were up at 3am for an 8am sailing from Dover having been deeply scarred from our previous trip. The bonus being we were all allocated earlier ferries, just not the same one!

We had a long, expensive drive to Strasbourg. 550 miles together with peage fees which may have cost even more than the fuel!

There was a slight detour at Reims for an obligatory visit to a defunct racing circuit. Luckily John didn’t suggest we needed to cycle the 10km course, he was happy just to take a photo against a classic backdrop.

We arrived at our hotel just before 6pm and it was a welcome sight. The car is securely parked along with the bikes and we have collapsed with a beer and planned tomorrow’s walking/cycling adventure in the home of the EU Administrative Centre.

Our final thought for the day is ‘how do you judge a winning team?’

Is it the team that:

A) arrived first at Dover

B) landed first in France

C) was the first to relax with a cold beer? Answers on a postcard….

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