Final thoughts from France

We arrived home late last night after an 8 hour crossing, spent mainly in our cabin. Since last week, Brittany Ferries has re-introduced mask wearing in public spaces. So much for COVID being done and dusted.

We hadn’t noticed much difference in times to get through customs, as a result of Brexit, until this trip. Getting in and out of France via Portsmouth and St Malo was very slow. It’s good to see more thorough checks being made of vehicles but….. bloody Brexit. It also can’t be much fun for Border Control to be spending a significant part of their day stamping passports in and out.

Talking of Brexit which, a bit like COVID, is allegedly done and dusted. If we’d have known being in France would trigger Boris resigning (sort of), we’d have been there sooner. We also have our fingers crossed against this being a ‘be careful what you wish for’ moment.

That’s enough of politics, now onto our best bits. Kim’s best moment? Sitting on a bench, overlooking a roundabout in an unprepossing French town eating a duck and goats cheese quiche. It was her best meal of the holiday. Kim’s best photo? Well, it had to involve a motorhome. This one is believed to be the only surviving example of travelling dentists van. The dentist, and his family, would move from town to town, living in the van. Probably the first example of a campervan!

Mobile Dentist van from 1910.

John’s best bits were more technical than food related. First was a very simple device fitted to windows and french doors in the apartment.

Simple but clever ventilation adjustment for windows and french doors

Next on the list is a boat discretely moored at one of the many Chateaus. It’s been adapted to cut river and pond weed, and we definitely need one.

Boat fitted with powered cutter for removing underwater weed

I need to stop soon, but did rather like this bike repair station on one of the cycle routes. It has a stand to suspend the bike on, together with a selection of tools and an airline, all free to use.

Cycle maintenance station

Finally, we lost our oldest and one of our longest serving readers a couple of weeks ago. Stan, John’s dad, passed away peacefully at the age of 97. Thursday was a bittersweet visit to Maurice Dufresne’s museum. Stan would have absolutely loved it, possibly known something about everything there and enjoyed discussing technical details and the finer points of the more innovative machines.

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  1. Thrilled you’re back, but should you not spend the summer there just to ensure Boris doesn’t make a comeback?


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