Guess where we are….

Ok, so it wasn’t a difficult question. We are spending a week walking in Mallorca with Jacky and Ken, three days based in Palma followed by another 4 days in Soller.

We flew from Luton with none of the expected delays and 2 hours later arrived in warm, sunny Palma. Our base is Hotel Almudaina right in the heart of the city. There is no view from our balcony, but the hotel’s roof terrace is amazing. Yesterday was spent getting our bearings before we went full blown tourist today.

Our break was booked without thinking too much about dates, and today is a public holiday and most of the museums are shut. It’s also Mother’s Day, and yesterday the flower market was preparing bouquets late into the evening for when the town comes alive and in the UK most people are asleep. John and Ken had done some evening exploration devising today’s plan which included walking through the art district and down to a sea front craft market.

If you click on the smaller photos, with the wonders of modern technology, they expand to full size!

Kim was keen to visit the old Arab Baths, dating back to about the 10th century and the only remains of a Moorish invasion in the 8th century, an occupation that lasted almost 500 years. The baths are centred around a tranquil, courtyard garden. The domed ceiling of the main room is supported by 12 columns recycled from an earlier Roman building.

As we walked back to the seafront, we could hear loud drumming and suddenly found ourselves caught up in the ‘Labour Day’ demonstrations with protesters demanding higher pay, better pensions and greater rights for women. Apparently these demonstrations have been organised in most Spanish cities today, and although peaceful and good natured armed police were keeping a watchful eye on events from various vantage points.

Kim’s dad, Ken, visited Palma in December 1964, where he took a photo of the Cathedral. We tried to recreate his original photo and you can barely see the difference.

Dinner tonight was traditional tapas. Tapa means ‘lid’ and beer or wine would be served with a plate of ham or cheese on top to keep out annoying flies. Over time the Tapas became more refined developing it’s own dining culture – at least that’s what we read at tonight’s restaurant.

A slight problem occurred early evening as we discussed plans and timings for the next few days. Jacky scribbles circles, lines and crosses all over maps with a flourish that is alien to John, and Ken appears completely incapable of grasping a basic itinerary. We are currently evaluating our future holiday plans.

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