One in one out

Here’s a rather delayed final day on the Isle of Wight. It’s taken until now to recover from Friday’s journey home.

We had a few hours to while away before our crossing home. There was no chance of changing our booking, according to a number of people we had met it seemed that most residents were leaving the island ahead of the festival and, as well as clogged roads, there were clogged ferries!

With nothing else to do we decided the Bromptons deserved one more outing and that was a round trip between Sandown and Shanklin. Now this was Kim’s sort of cycling – five miles of flat esplanade alongside beach huts.

As we sailed out by ferry ahead of schedule, our good luck didn’t stay with us, severe delays on the M25 more than made up for any saving. Of course the alternative would be to use a helicopter in the same way that Tom Jones and other festival performers do, although if you have seen the photos of Liam Gallagher’s face after falling out of his helicopter, possibly not.

Finally, do you know what happens if you post a letter to your neighbour on the Isle of Wight? We’re assuming ‘no’!

It is taken from the Post Box, put on a ferry to be sorted in Portsmouth and transported back across the Solent before being delivered to your neighbour.

2 thoughts on “One in one out”

  1. Exiting GB thru Luton Airport an absolute breeze 18 /09/21!
    Glad I o W an overall success.
    Sitting on balcony watching pal ms sway in the rather strong off sea zephyrs.
    G. and R


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