Heading home

Glorious sunshine and a light breeze, an ideal day for yesterday’s plans!

Hotel Wilhelmina vied for ‘Best Hotel of the Holiday’ together with Hostellerie Schuddebeurs, both would be high up our list for another visit.

We filled up on probably the best breakfast of the holiday, although they have all been good, had another conversation about Brexit with perplexed Europeans, and wandered up to the beach for a final look. Domburg prides itself as having the cleanest beach in Holland

We discovered the monument to the paratroopers from UK, Belgium and Norway who died trying to liberate Holland. The plaque above the Belgian memorial reads ‘United We Conquer’, a message that loses none of its power with the passage of time.

An old bathhouse dominates the seafront, following its restoration in 2007 it houses a well regarded restaurant and apartments with spectacular views.

Would Kim consider another cycling holiday? Probably, although she’s still rather alarmed by John’s desire to cycle St Malo to Nice and the book to this effect at home may mysteriously disappear and the tortoises blamed.

As to this trip, Holland is a joy to cycle and we’d come back with enough confidence to plan our own route and travel light enough to carry our luggage, rather than send it by taxi, (Kim can’t believe she’s just written that!) Dutch Bike Tours were ok but the quality of hotels and roadmaps weren’t a patch on those from Inntravel who organised our Portuguese walking trip.

Finally, after a 2.5 hour drive, John was almost in petrol head heaven at Dunkirk, as half the cars on board are heading for the Goodwood Revival Meeting.

Finally, finally JustGo 2020 is booked. 15 nights in a motorhome, John is hiding his excitement well.

2 thoughts on “Heading home”

  1. Maybe a retirement apartment (us, not you!!!) at the boathouse…it looks fantastic. Cycle St. Malo to Nice? We’ve driven (with caravan) to Nice many times – it gets a tad hilly! Well, it’s been wonderful to keep abreast of you and the Bromptons, and lucky Justgo, we say. Safe travel home.
    We hope to spend the bulk of Jan. 2020 on the Gulf of Mexico (Fl. Panhandle) and sorting the flights is leading to a few heated exchanges. Ho hum.


    1. I’m tempted by the apartment, perhaps we could share? Your January plans sound interesting, your own blog perhaps? As to heated exchanges when planning holidays, I sympathise..


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