Breaking news…. Holland is not flat

We fuelled up with plenty of bacon, eggs, ham and cheese and started our adventure just after 9.

Within 10 minutes of leaving the hotel, we faced our first mountain of the day and pushed the bikes up it. Ok, it may have only been 20m high but it was blooming steep and took us both by surprise.

As we puffed over the top we had glorious views of the sea and long sandy beaches.

We cycled along the coast of Schouwen-Duiveland for 21km crossing the Brouwer and Haringvliet Dams. These form part of the Delta Works, 13 dams along the Zeeland coast, designed to protect adjacent low lying land from flooding. Parking on an incline looked fun.

The route has been easy to follow, as long as we keep an eye open for way marks which are fairly prominent. We have been map reading by numbers.

We stopped at a little farm store and tea house for a mid morning snack and worked out we were over halfway along our route. Kim had been told by numerous friends that 30 miles on a bike isn’t far. She’s just starting to believe it

A short while later, it all went wrong. We missed a turning and added a few more kilometres to our route. Dutch cycle routes are excellent. At every intersection there is a map and, having missed #17, we were able to re-route via various other paths. By then we were rather tired and found ourselves on the right road but going the wrong way finally arriving at our destination in the walled city of Brielle on the island of Voorne-Putten at 3pm.

We rode around the cobbled streets of Brielle before collapsing in the hotel for the rest of the afternoon. The weather is changing and it’s raining heavily. Tomorrow could be interesting riding……

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