Cycling in Zeeland

The day has come for Kim has to deliver on her promise to join John on a cycling micro-adventure. A number of destinations were discounted as either too hilly or too far until the lovely, flat Netherlands were decided on.

The next four days will be spent touring the dunes and delta works of Zeeland.

Each day we will cycle 30-40 miles on the Bromptons with our luggage travelling comfortably, between hotels, in a taxi. There is something deeply wrong with this sentence but we’re not quite sure what.

We are prepared for everything except really wet weather and are studiously avoiding the weather forecast.

There was a poor attempt to train for this but neither of us have been on a bike in 10 days. However, Kim has a new padded saddle and we both have proper cycle shorts. It does feel much like wearing a nappy but if it prevents sores, who cares?

If we survive the cycling, we are off to Arnhem which is holding a series of events to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden.

Finally, this has been recommended and we have high hopes of it…..

One thought on “Cycling in Zeeland”

  1. Great route…we drove some of this a couple of years back.
    Can’t wait for the photos of John in those new tight fitting cycling shorts…Lycra…


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