Still winning….

…to quote Captain Obvious from

Ken first quoted the above phrase on a hot, stuffy train from Pisa and it has kept us company ever since. Through broken wing mirrors, dislocated beds, miserably cold, wet weather and dodgy backs we have convinced ourselves we are ‘still winning’

And we are! The four of us have managed to remain together and have some fantastic days, despite Ken’s obvious discomfort and lack of mobility. Jacky deserves a bravery award for sharing a 6m x 2.35m space with him in this condition.

The weather has created more resourceful campers, our route has been adapted and we’ve only stayed at a couple of pre-booked campsites. We’ve learned a lot this trip and only part of that is down to experience, the rest is due to the little Rainbow Camper-Van.

These things are never going to be a joy to drive but she has given us confidence to explore routes we would never have attempted in her bigger siblings (except when lost!).

Our final challenge, after the complicated process of filling up with LPG and negotiating the M25, is attempting to reverse her on the drive for unloading….we’ve spent a fortune having the wall repointed so we’ll have to be careful!

Another motorhome adventure next year? We’ll have to wait and see….

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