240 miles – Luxembourg to France via Belgium

Another early start, on the road by 9:30. Now 9:30 doesn’t sound early so we’ll explain what that actually means. We’re up at 7 and to to be able to move around the camper the bed needs raising back into the roof. That’s a 2 person job since the cable guard broke.

While the kettle is boiling the window blinds need to be removed and stored. It takes ages for the kettle to boil on the toy gas stove and who goes anywhere without a cuppa?

After a breakfast of muesli with fresh fruit and yoghurt, it’s the trek to the washing up block to clean breakfast dishes which need securely stowing, wrapped in kitchen towel to prevent continuous rattling while travelling which causes insanity.

Cupboards are closed and secured, heaven forbid you leave a cupboard unsecured! Contents fly everywhere in a quite terrifying manner.

Gas is turned off so we don’t spontaneously combust, electricity is disconnected and the cable reel rolled up which leads to a burst of hysteria from the heating and hot water control panel. How dare we take away its power supply without asking?

Then it’s a final check to ensure all external doors are secured, windows closed and roof lights lowered before turning off the master control panel. Finally, 2.5 hours after getting up, you’re ready to go.

Setting off for a new destination is all rather stressful and time consuming!

We faced our longest drive, it was cold but sunny when we left and we managed a mile down the road before we ground to a halt. Luxembourg was gridlocked and weren’t going anywhere for ages.

We were delayed by 30 mins with Paul Weller singing Wings of Speed, how does the iPod know the most tactless song to play?

240 miles of mainly motorway driving was dull and tiring. The most interesting thing we saw was how neatly felled trees were stacked alongside the Belgium motorway.

Our final campsite is at Eperlecques, about 25 miles from Calais. A lovely setting but the shower facilities reflect the fact that we are in France.

Our final meal together for this trip, classic Coq au vin in front of a roaring log fire.. a votre sante.


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