Croatia here we come!

The day started with a 07:00 docking in Split….or so we thought. SNAV’s view on sailing times is flexible to say the least. Everything was at least 45 minutes late, but enough of grumbling about timekeeping. The sun was shining as we approached the harbour.

The drive out of Split was a challenge. Quite why we thought a city in rush hour would be easy remains a mystery.

We aimed for the coast road which was quite unprepossessing initially and then we found a little cafe just outside Trogir for our first stop.

Our drive continued via Route 8, along the Dalmatian coast to Zadar and was glorious, with wide smooth open roads, we could see where EU money had been spent and were thankful for it.

Ken and Jacky caught us up just outside Zadar for a cuppa alongside a marina.

Next we headed to the Paklenica National Park to see the underground bunkers built by President Tito in the 1950s during tense times between the former Yugoslavia and USSR they were to serve as a refuge in case of conflict. The road was narrow but there was no stopping us!

The walk up through the ravine was lovely and it’s a great area for mountain climbers.

The actual bunkers were a little disappointing, very little about their history but plenty apocryphal information on mountain climbing.

Our final drive was almost 2 hours to the Plitvice National Park where we are spending the next two nights. More wonderful scenery, and roads, populated by roadside shacks selling local cheese and honey.

It seemed rude not to stop for a tasting! We have assumed these are locally produced but didn’t ask the question and are wondering if it’s all made in a factory in Zagreb for tourists. Anyway, we had fun tasting and there are a couple of cheeses tucked in the fridge to bring home.

We arrived at Plitvice Holiday Resort and caused a major international skirmish resulting in a nice couple from Germany being evicted from their parking place and an Italian couple leaving site. Our diplomatic duties completed, we finished the evening off with a pasta supper skilfully prepared in a camper van which has a kitchen the same size as a dolls house.

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