6m x 2.35m…..

JustGo tempted us back for a third year and, yes, we are going smaller but for longer!

We’re living in a 6m x 2.3m tin can for 14 nights. Almost 2m of that length comprises a bathroom, engine and front seats.  As you can imagine, John is thrilled and Kim’s convinced he wasn’t paying attention when he agreed to an extended trip. Katie commented that she would have ‘personal space issues’……. there’s no doubt we will have too.

According to Robert M. Pirsig, the Zen approach suggests it’s often better to travel than to arrive.  So with this in mind, once we land in Italy, our adventure starts with a journey on public transport from Pisa Airport to Poggibonsi, where we spend the night before collecting the Motorhome from the factory.  Our journey from airport to hotel is self guided, involving a bus, two trains, a taxi and a foreign language of which we have very little knowledge.  We then have 14 days to get the shiny new Motorhome back to the UK. Brexit has been deferred, what could possibly go wrong?

Our draft itinerary takes us across Italy through Chianti country followed by a ferry to Croatia.

Our intention is then to drive up the Damaltian coast, back through Italy  Austria and Germany. It gets a little vague after that. Our draft route takes us into France for our last few nights but Kim is determined to say she’s been to Luxembourg. Watch this space…..

As usual, we have Jacky and Ken for company (in their own motorhome, thank goodness!) but Jane and David are absent this year – David vowed never to set foot in a motorhome again and he’s stayed true to his word.

David was our wine expert and we’re worried about being let loose in Italy without his informed nose and palate.  Luckily, last year, we made notes so all may not be lost.  When we were the last to arrive at a campsite, after an ‘adventurous’ journey,  Jane was always ready with a freshly boiled kettle and beautifully presented nibbles.  Kim is likely to miss Jane more than David. Sorry, David!

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