Final morning in Vancouver

While Matt ran, we visited the David Milne exhibition Vancouver Art Gallery

Milne preferred isolation and moved, with his wife Poppy, into the middle of nowhere. One sign says he was released from his unhappy marriage in 1936 – I bet Poppy breathed a huge sigh of relief too!

Cabin Fever – brilliant exhibition charting the development of Cabin living around the world. Kim is tempted to sell up, buy a piece of land and build one room cabins for each of us.


Finally, the acoustic exhibition. Apparently, the artist claims you can hear different sounds in your favourite records, and invites you to take in your own vinyl to play. Kim was particularly taken with the wall buffers made out of off cuts from kitchen cabinet makers


We debated whether we’d prefer to live in Sydney or Vancouver. John and Kim opted for Vancouver – quieter, smaller and cooler in summer. Matt sensibly suggested that he might need to re-visit Sydney before making a decision.

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