Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Our day started with a wander for breakfast, passing this on our way.

That man gets everywhere!

Then it was time to see even more temperate rain forest!

We took the free shuttle bus up to the privately owned park, set in 6000 acres on either side of the Capilano River. The land was originally purchased by George Mackay in 1888 and he erected the original suspension bridge in 1889.

It was a popular destination for his friends. The next owners built a Tea House and it continued to develop as a tourist attraction.

Despite its popularity, once we’d crossed the bridge, the different boardwalks and suspended trails emitted a sense of peace. As we’ve come to expect, the development has been very respectful of the Old Growth Forest – if you’re really lucky we’ll explain Old Growth vs New Growth to you at some time!

The Cliff Walk was quite something, suspended on sheer granite cliffs.

Robert Louis Stevenson summed it up beautifully …..

On the way back, we were the only people on the shuttle (a 40-seat coach) driven by a man originally from Liverpool. After 40 years here, he’s aiming to retire to Portugal for warmer winters.

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