A day in Vancouver…

Started with Breakfast in 49th Parallel on Thurlow Street and it was yummy. John had to be stopped from having peanut butter jelly donuts for breakfast however our poached eggs on toast were cooked to perfection.

It’s Labor Day here and Vancouver didn’t come to life until 11am. Matt, having run 8 miles around the City, was ready for breakfast just as we were having lunch. We’ve never seen a toasted cheese sandwich like it. As to the lemon meringue donut that went with it…

Matt chose to mooch around the city while John and Kim went on a cycle tour. We cheated and booked eBikes!

Our tour took in the harbour and the iconic cityscape

We had a few stops in Stanley Park. First being at the totem poles. These were carved by First Nations craftsmen. They replace original poles which have been returned to the First Nations from where they had been taken. Each one tells a story and the most important figure carved is always the one at the bottom.

At Beaver Lake we could see the work of the resident Beaver Family.

There was a photo opportunity at Lowdens Lookout, the highest point in Stanley Park (thank goodness for the eBike!).

On the way down, we stopped by one of the largest Douglas Firs where a pair of Bald Eagles are nesting, no sign of them today but we did get a chance to see how the forest makes use of fallen trees

We returned via English Beach, Olympic Village, and Gas Town. The large boats in the picture are ‘parked’ out at sea. Once they dock it costs them $10,000 a day to berth so they delay as long as possible. A shame as this is the best vantage point to watch sunsets from.

Our adventure for this evening was the Richmond Night Market, the nearest thing Vancouver has to Asian Street Food. We took the Sky Train out, queued for tickets and wandered round.

There are hundreds of stalls selling everything from socks to mobile phones and of course lots of street food.

We are not really a Street food, or night market, family – we prefer our food on a plate with cutlery rather than wooden sticks, however in the interests of cultural research we gave it a try.

2 thoughts on “A day in Vancouver…”

  1. The basics first…you are allowed to ‘make a right’ on a red light, providing you have come to a full stop and the road is clear. Can you imagine that working over here? We are so glad Vancouver seems to be working for you all. We think it’s a great city (and we’re NOT city people.) A 4-week home exchange in a home near the botanic garden was our first intro. Your photos are quite wonderful…..keep it up! Is there a bias towards food??!!! We’re off to LHR in the morning and then to SFO if Sir Richard keeps his side of the bargain.. Keep safe and well.


    1. It’s a shame the Botanic Garden’s been a bit too far out for us to visit. Luckily there’s no more driving for us and the next meal is always high up the agenda! Enjoy California, will you be writing you own blog?


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