Whistler to Vancouver

Our hotel was a very different place this morning. It’s Labor Day weekend and the Hotel is full. There were long queues at breakfast and we were eating from paper plates.

The number of people wearing pyjamas or bathrobes, and with dogs, was most surprising. Even Kim, who has been known to drop Matt at the station in her pyjamas, was shocked!

Canadian newspapers are a far more sensible shape than our UK papers. Nice and light to hold, without sagging or falling apart.

We had a leisurely drive along the ‘Sea to Sky Highway’ stopping at Brandywine Falls on the way.

We thought Whistler was busy but the queues of traffic heading out of Vancouver would not have looked out of place on the M25!

Matt was abandoned at the hotel, with our luggage, while we returned our hire car to Vancouver Airport. We’ve tried hard but still don’t understand the rules at traffic lights where a red light doesn’t necessarily mean stop. This didn’t matter in quiet towns, it was very different in busy Vancouver.

For a hotel in a city, our views aren’t bad, but we are missing the crisp, clean mountain air.

We explored the harbour front and headed out to Gastown for dinner. There was a quick stop to admire its famous steam clock.

The restaurant had stacks of games and we thought we’d improve our knowledge of Canada with Canadian Trivial Pursuit.

The evening finished with a walk up to the Victory Square Block Party. We arrived to hear the last minutes of a punk band before it finished, no loud music after 9pm!

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