Whistler – Ziptrek Eco Tours

Our first plug of the trip – our zip-line experience was brilliant! We signed multiple disclaimers, were kitted out with harnesses and hard hats and transported up high over Fitzsimmons Creek, which separates Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, past the 2010 Olympic Bob Sled run.

John and Kim did the Bear Tour (aka Zip-lines for the elderly!), five zip lines ranging in length from 400m to 1.1km. Our guides were very good keeping us entertained with history and geography facts, while talking us through the easiest way to walk off the edge of a wooden platform into oblivion. It was all very well organised but does rely on a couple of trees to keep it all together,

Matt was booked on the more extreme Eagle Tour – higher, longer, faster!

Kim is not built for zip lining and was the only one of the group who refused to go down the last run upside down!

John enjoyed every minute and wants to do The Sasquatch, the highest and longest in Whistler

Matt videoed his runs, enjoy this for the next 30 seconds!

A well earned cup of tea was required, so we whiled away the afternoon in the Longhorn Saloon, which has great views of mountain bikers taking their bikes up on the ski-lifts and then hurtling back down the mountain at extreme angles and returned this evening to watch some more of the spectacle.

3 thoughts on “Whistler – Ziptrek Eco Tours”

  1. Thanks for the daily updates. Really enjoying the sites, feel like I’m there but I guess you’re glad I am not.
    Just disappointed that there have been no pictures of bears! Mum xx


  2. You are bringing back some fantastic memories….although we replaced tea with cocktails and beer! ur right describing Whistler as manicured.mum and dad were amazed by our pictures as was not like that when they went but very ‘done up’ for the olympics. Loving the blog, enjoy and cant wait to hear about Vancouver x


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