Whistler here we come

The sun was shining when we woke up but, honestly, Kamloops didn’t look an awful lot better!

Last night’s walk into town had seemed like a scene from American Graffiti with big V8s cruising the strip!

Breakfast was an adventure, making our own waffles. The last time we tried that, in Norway, it had been a disaster. Canadian waffle maker instructions are better!

We left Kamloops and joined the Gold Rush Trail on the Trans-Canada Highway.

We reached Cache Creek, the satnav recalculated and added an hour to our journey. We over ruled her, stuck to our original route and came to a halt 100m up the road. The road was closed while a mudslide was cleared. We were advised it would be quicker to wait than take the other route.

We pulled it to the Bear Claw Cafe to sit it out in a proper Canadian log cabin.

The door handle was a little alarming…

We continued our journey and were grateful we hadn’t attempted Jasper to Whistler in one go, in yesterday’s rain. It was only 100 miles but, on the Cariboo Highway, the speed limit reduced to 60kph and it twisted and turned along mountain and riversides. At one point, the highway was reduced to to a single carriageway – the other side had disappeared in a landslide!

Whistler couldn’t be more different to Kamloops. We have a two bedroomed suite, with a balcony and a rather nice view! Perhaps we should have attempted the long drive, another night here would be good!

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