Jasper to Kamloops

We waved bye bye to our lovely lake view and left Alberta. 360 miles lay ahead of us, in pouring rain. We weren’t looking forward to the journey and we didn’t take many photos!

We drove down through the Rockies, past many trees scorched by wildfires. At times it was difficult to tell if the haze was low cloud or smoke drifting up from ongoing fires.

We stopped at a service station, about halfway along our route. Lunch consisted of delicious homemade samosas, but the whole area felt and looked very ‘Wild-West’ it’s difficult to describe without sounding derogatory and condescending (although we were).

Kim took over driving for the second half of the journey and was the only one to see a bear fishing in the North Thompson River, despite John and Matt being on wildlife spotting duty. She really should have been paying more attention to the road!

We were in timber logging country, then the scenery changed and we were surrounded by fields of hay. It almost started to look like home!

Kamloops is a measly 345m above sea level and started life as a fur trading post on the Thompson River. It’s very flat and industrial, here’s the view from our room…

The good news is it does have a pool table and bar football, we have decent WiFi, films are being downloaded ready to watch later and we’re only here for one night.

With hindsight, and three drivers we could have managed the remaining 180 miles to Whistler.

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