The Italian Job 2018 – day 1

Where to start, we have had a whole adventure in one day!

The day started brilliantly. We left home at 04:45, arrived at Heathrow just after 6 and flew into sunshine at Pisa.

Despite the taxi driver getting lost and needing to use Kim’s phone for directions, we were introduced to our new homes and left the factory about 3. Plenty of time for shopping at the supermarket and getting to our campsite by 5pm!

A leisurely evening in Sam Gimignano was within reach and then the adventure started (or it all went horribly wrong, depending on your view of life!)

We took a wrong turn, leaving the supermarket, the satnav recalculated and within 20 minutes this is what we saw…..

By the time we had turned the van around,here is a sample of the damage we had done. It was just awful.

A very helpful Italian detangled us from the mess, JustGo advised on leaving a note for them to deal with insurance claims and the local pharmacy lent pen and paper for writing a note. Kim used a mixture of mime and pidgin English to acquire said pen and paper, it was very stressful.

Our lovely, supportive friends had abandoned us and headed towards the Sosta at San Gimignano so we played catch up. It would be lovely to have a photo of the beautiful Tuscan hills we drove round but the reality was that we were lost, despite the satnav! Phone calls from Jane and Jacky followed, they were lost too. 5 minutes later we passed them, going in the opposite direction, there has to be a cheesy comedy film in there somewhere…..

Anyway, we all ended up at the planned Sosta, and it was revolting. Showers were shut, electricity was off and waste bins overflowing – could our day get any worse?

Thank goodness for Facebook, 5 minutes later we were all booked into Camping Boscetto Di Piemma with showers, a restaurant and trees.

Good food and wine and the stresses of the day are starting to fade, cheers….. hic

3 thoughts on “The Italian Job 2018 – day 1”

  1. Brilliant! Made me chuckle. Enjoy the rest of the adventure x

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    1. Brilliant! Reminds me so much of when we used to tow a large double-axle caravan….like getting stuck up a hillside in S of France just as the chateau there was emptying its son et lumiere guests into the night and the car spewing blue smoke from under the bonnet! A helpful local told us it was ‘kaput, mort!’ I hope you get the paperwork sorted. San G is a beautiful place and perhaps you enjoyed it after you de-stressed? I’m not sure this is the place for my comment….the comment button doesn’t seem to show as before. And, why does Kim seem to be holding a wrapped garden spade? (I know she’s always on the ball horticulturally, but…..!!!) Anyway, let’s hope no more mis-haps and enjoy.
      Take care,
      p.s. if this lands with the earlier comment maker, perhaps he/she will send it to the right place, please? Thanks!


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