Our last afternoon in Haarlem..

This afternoon, we headed for culture and the Teylers Museum. The collection was started in the late 18th century by Pieter Teyler. In his will, he left his fortune, and collection, to a foundation created to promote arts, science and theology. The museum is the first in Holland and is still housed on its original site. It’s an eclectic mix of fossils, art, books and scientific instruments,

Our next stop was Haarlem’s De Adriaan windmill. The original windmill dated back to 1779, burned down in 1932 and was rebuilt on the original site in 2002. It didn’t seem right to come all the way here and not have a photo of a windmill!

We couldn’t find any mice with clogs on so perhaps they only live in windmills in old Amsterdam. We should have checked yesterday….

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