Northern Lights, woohoo?!?!

Last night was a good night for seeing the Northern Lights, the sky was clear so what could stop us?

Our evening started with dinner at 73 on Laugauvegur. The meal was delicious but £70 for two burgers, grilled chicken and three cokes came as a shock. Saying that, we’d eat there again, the atmosphere and staff were lovely.

At 9pm we packed the car and set out of the city towards Hvalfordjut, a fjord just north of Reykjavik where the light pollution would be less and tourists fewer. Neither John or I like driving in the dark and adding Matt to the car insurance is money well spent. He doesn’t stop complaining about the little Hyundai but it seems ok to us.

We spent three hours in and out of the car on a freezing hillside watching the sky. We lost count of the number of shooting stars we saw and how many times we said ‘did you see that? I think something’s happening over there but itcould be my eyes going funny’.

On balance, we can say we’ve seen the Northern Lights but they weren’t as spectacular as you see on tv and we got blooming cold doing it.

Finally to bed at 1am!

One thought on “Northern Lights, woohoo?!?!”

  1. Woohoo, Brays! As ever, a wonderful insight to your exciting holiday. How marvellous to see the Lights in the open air (as against our seeing them from a plane window) Keep safe, keep well and ENJOY!


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