St Helier and ?

Guess where we’ve been…

Back to that later. We took the bus to St Helier and met Ned (Edward Malet de Carteret) for our tour of the town. Ned’s family have been on the island for 800 years plus and have played influential roles through the centuries. We learned about the history of the Island becoming ‘English’ and, interestingly, French was the main language until 1900s. There was some reference to how the islanders suffered during the Occupation but award for ‘Story of the Day’ goes to the tale of Anthony Trollope implementing Post Boxes which were first trialled in Jersey before being rolled out across the UK.

A tour would not have  been complete without meeting some Jersey cows..

After a much needed cuppa we abandoned Ken and Jacky and headed to the Zoo. By accident, we ended up on the slow bus which took 45 minutes but meant that we saw more of the towns and villages on the east coast.

The zoo was fantastic and most of the animals happily entertained us. We could hear the Blue Stork, it was a blooming noisy bird, but we couldn’t see it! Gerald Durrell is Kim’s hero and the zoo really brings to life what an amazing and enlightened person he was.

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