Homeward bound

We left Kompass Camping just after six, it was pitch black and freezing. The good news was that we arrived in Calais before 8 and were able to get on an earlier ferry. The van was searched twice. We weren’t allowed near border control until armed French soldiers had given it a once over followed by Border Control themselves. Everyone was polite and cheerful but they did all have muddy boots. The was a sigh of relief when the Olive tree and Jacky’s Lemon weren’t confiscated.

We queued for the ferry with time to spare for last minute cleaning.

The last challenge when we hit Dover is refilling the gas bottle. We’ve mastered fresh water, grey water and the toilet cassette!

Would we do this again? Absolutely!

One thought on “Homeward bound”

  1. Hope those spots on your mirror have cured before you have to enter quarantine.
    I can now see them on your n/s mirror. Yes, definitely production line markers.
    Have you found LPG site to fill gas tank? Website “filllpg.co.uk” gives map with filling stations and prices.
    Just for info. I last filled up at Toddington. Both north and southbound are competitive at 62p per litre.
    Catch up soon


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