JustGo Italy 2017

Six months ago Kim thought it would be a fantastic adventure to drive a brand new motorhome from the factory in Tuscany back to the hire company in Toddington. Friday is fast approaching and, perhaps, our first motorhome experience should have been a little less ambitious! Our flights are booked and the route is planned.

We have 10 nights to bring back a vehicle that is 7m long, 3.2m high and 2.5m wide without getting stuck down a narrow lane or under a bridge.

There have been numerous discussions about the route. We discounted a drive along the Med, across the Pyrenees and up the Bay Of Biscay. It sounded fantastic until we worked out the mileage. Our ‘shorter’ route is still about 1100 miles.

17th and 18th are to be spent in Siena, 19th and 20th are set aside for Luca and Pisa. We then head to the Cinque Terre National Park for a couple of nights at Deiva Marina.

Our long trek back through Europe then begins. One night at Lugano, the next at Freiburg followed by Ediger on the Mosel. Our final night is at Bray-Dunes before heading to Calais for the ferry home on 27th.

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