The sun was trying harder today but not enough to tempt John and Matt into kayaking so it was the 40 minute drive to Girona for us.

As we arrived, the sun came out and finding a car park suddenly became more complicated when the free one was full! We ended up in an underground multi-storey with parking spaces only slightly wider than the car.

We made our way out into the sun and found ourselves just across the river from the medieval city, it looked stunning and reminded us very much of the river front properties in Trondheim just with better foundations. The river was crystal clear and the fish were enormous.

We headed for La Fabrici, a small cafe run by professional cyclist Christian Meier and his wife. It was tucked in a small square away from the hustle and bustle of the main routes. Matt succumbed to a large slice of Oreo cake, washed down with an orange and ginger zinger. John and Kim shared a Nutter Butter – toasted bread covered with almond butter, sliced banana, coconut and nasturtium flowers. It was delicious!!

Feeling fortified, we walked back down to the river to see the ‘Eiffel Bridge’ before walking back up narrow, paved streets through the Jewish Quarter to the Cathedral. By this time, the sun was making up for lost time and we decided to head back to Llafranc to make the most of our last day.

We would definitely come back to Girona. We spent too long in Barcelona but Girona has to be worth a couple of days to fully explore its history and alley ways. We need to do the cathedral properly, the Jewish Museum, walk the city walls and gaze in the river long enough for Kim to see the terrapins that live in it.

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