Padstow in Catalunya

Well, not quite but there were a lot of similarities between Padstow and Cadaques.

Matthew has a cold and the weather wasn’t great for lazing on the beach so we thought we’d head for the ‘Dali triangle’. Last year we did the museum at Figueres, this year it was the turn of Cadaques.

The roads was quiet and easy driving in the little Fiat Panda until we hit the mountains. Why do satnavs mever warn of steep inclines and sharp bends? We headed through the Cap de Creus mountains, the foothills of the Pyrenees, to the eastern most point of Spain.

The last 15k of the journey reminded us of Norway. Our ears popped but the winding road was slightly kinder to us than some we had travelled on in June.

Cadaques was very pretty and the weather wasn’t bad so we stopped for refreshment in the old Casino. Matt’s eyes lit up at the sight of a pool table and he managed to stop sniffing long enough for a couple of games with John. 1-1 was the final score which didn’t really suit either of them but they recognised we couldn’t stay there all day.


We had a wander round the town before heading for the museum which was promoting a Dali and Man Ray exhibition. As seems typical, the museum was at the top of a steep hill which we climbed with very bad grace. Since arriving in Spain we have walked up the equivalent of 160 floors and a distance of 52 miles (according to Kim’s iPhone) and our legs are noticing it. Matt has obviously gone further and higher than the rest of us!

Once at the top of the hill, we found the museum shut and the exhibition finished last week! That was the cue for our return trip to Llafranc!

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