Palamos to Begur

We woke to a damp and misty morning and decided to take a trip down the coast to Palamos. We’d read that it is one of the best preserved fishing villages on Costa Brava and its only 25 minutes away!

We drove into the town, expecting to see something pretty and we were treated to our first sight of a Costa Brava holiday resort. It was rather a shock to see how ugly a large part of the sea front was.

Undeterred, we headed for the historic centre and wandered round narrow, paved roads surrounded by colourful shops and apartments.  We were impressed by the fresh fruit and veg on offer, we haven’t found anything like it in Llafranc or Pallafrugell.

We stopped for a drink and decided that we wouldn’t wait for the fishing boats to return in the afternoon but would head up the coast to Begur.  Our walk back to the car took us through the port where we were mesmerised by a small boat being lifted out on a hoist. Shortly followed by a period of gazing at the fish in the clear waters of the Marina.  They looked similar to those we’d seen in the Aquarium but couldn’t remember a single name.

The weather was still misty but we could just see the outline of hotels dominating the coast as far as we could see. We really are rather lucky with our choice of location!

Back to Begur to see the medieval town and castle. We walked up a very steep hill, through some very pretty streets to the castle at the top of the hill.

On a clear day, according to the map, you can see for miles around….

We were just about able to see Matt playing King of the Castle…..

As a treat for the long damp walk, we stopped for lunch in one of the main squares. Being British, we sat outside until the damp and cold finally started to penetrate. John was fascinated by the olive tree and we all wondered if we could pick the olives and eat them (we’ll be asking google later).

Our treat on the way back to Llafranc was a visit to a hypermarket where we happily pottered around, checking out what was on offer. John was particularly taken with the pick ‘n mix nuts

We chose the direct route back to the hotel rather than the coast road, the weather really isn’t great today!

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