Thirteen, fourteen and……homeward bound

An early start to miss the breakfast queues at The Edinburgh Larder and success! We were the first people in there. It’s not often we’re ahead of the rush so a small moment of smug satisfaction.

We debated what to do. Kim was feeling festivalled out while John had just got started.  Feeling fortified by breakfast we headed back to the venue of last nights final show to watch Three Men in a Boot present ‘A Sketchy History’. In post-apocalyptic Britain, ruled by Chanceller Sturgeon, they re-wrote history from the dawn of man. in less than an hour. We learned about the early story of Neanderthals and the Victoria Sponge as well as Trump’s involvement in building the Great Wall of China, Hadrians’s Wall and the Berlin Wall.
With 15 minutes between shows it was a stressful walk down the Royal Mile. Suitcases, huge crowds and lots of Street Performers really don’t mix.
Next stop was The City Art Center for Canvas No. 9…..a satire about modern art.  
We arrived late for the show staged on the top floor. It was already in full flow when we came barrelling out of the lift right into the middle of it. We had officially performed in our own Fringe spectacular!


Canvas No. 9 was a satire on art critics and modern art and only lasted 25 minutes. It’s fairly amazing how engaging the short performance was from a small theatre group from Leicester.
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