Free Fringe to too much Fringe…

We ventured out for dinner and found a lovely traditional Scottish restaurant called Howies and debated what to do to keep us awake until our final show at 11. Booking a show that late had seemed a good idea yesterday!

We thought we’d head for the 99 Comedy Club and take a chance that we could get into the free stand up show. We’d heard queues for Free Fringe could be enormous and the quality of shows poor – we were feeling brave.  We went up two flights of stairs and found ourselves in a cavern-like room with a granite ceiling, not something you see every day…. We saw three comedians who are quite famous, if only we could remember their names!! It was well worth a donation,


Our final show tonight was Adrian Gray and his 007 conspiracy theory! Hmm, not sure if we saw a talented young actor or someone with delusions of his own ability. As with all Conspiracy theories the plot was weak and we never did see 007 covered in Cheese. Of course we completely convinced by his theory that Unilever has more than one lever…….it didn’t get better than that!
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