From Knowing EU to Mark Watson….

Our first evening show was called ‘Knowing EU’ a political comedy on the Referendum result. We were treated to a Powepoint show, from an Aussie EU funding expert, educating us on EU facts interspersed with very bad jokes designed to insult every nationality in the EU. To be fair, he warned us about the jokes…..

With 4 hours to spare, we sat in the courtyard outside the Surgeons Hall venue and booked two more shows at the same venue… seems very lazy but neither of us fancied the long walk back to the new town.
Next show was ‘Biscuits (still) included’ and they were…. Chocolate chip cookies!   A one woman show from a comedian/writer/poet and a nice gentle way to spend an hour. John’s view: ‘The Fringe at its best’.
This was followed by Kim’s choice – ‘The Cucumber Crime’ a very hammy farce. John declined to comment on it but farcical predictability always makes Kim giggle.
For our final show of the day it was back to The Pleasance Courtyard to see Mark Watson in a show titled ‘I’m not Here’ loosely based on travelling to Australia with an invalid passport. He was fantastic and we both laughed from start to finish. We’d definitely see him again and he’s been the highlight of our trip, so far.


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